Useful insights by an air freshener distributor

Consumers have an inclination towards products that enhance the quality of living. Products that improve the sanitation of the home or office are never out of demand. Air fresheners fit the bill perfectly on both counts. The rising income levels and a higher emphasis on hygiene and sanitation are contributing factors to the growth of the air freshener market.

How big is the air freshener industry?

With the increase of urbanisation and better living standards, there has been a growth in the availability of different varieties of air fresheners. Moreover, people have a rising concern for air quality. All these conditions are contributing to increasing demand and drive the growth of the air freshener market.
Valued at $10 billion in 2016, the global air freshener market is expected to reach $12 billion in 2023.

What factors to consider before starting an air freshener business?

1. Provide a range of options: When you are buying air freshener in bulk, make sure you offer a range of options. The retail shops find it beneficial to provide options to customers. Therefore, as a wholesaler, provide some choices in the best air freshener.

2. Quality products: Apart from variety, ensure that the air fresheners are of good quality and have a lasting effect. Moreover, it should be suitable for all fabrics. Quality is something that helps in sustaining a successful business.

How to find an air freshener distributor?

1. The supply should ensure a smooth logistics service: While choosing a supplier, make sure there are ample details regarding delivery arrangements. You should be aware of how frequently they make deliveries. What are the safety measures they take while dispatching products in bulk? Do they have a warehouse? Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a better perspective on the supply chain.

Looking to buy air fresheners in bulk?

We are leading supplier of English Breeze range of air fresheners. We supply air fresheners to wholesalers in the UK and abroad. We supply products across the globe via sea, air, and land. We specialise in Full container loads (FCL), Less than container loads (LCL), Consolidation services and Dry bulk commodities.

2. Reputation and experience: While choosing a distributor, do some research on their working history and experience. Visit their website and check the companies they are associated with. An experienced supplier will be able to understand your needs.

Why Sun Mark?

● Assurance of quality products: All of our products are designed to be on par with, if not, a better quality than the market leaders at a 30-40% lesser price. For instance, English Breeze & Flower Garden air fresheners have 2% perfume instead of the industry norm of 1% resulting in a longer lasting fragrance.

● A history of working with top brands: We are the official distributor for Mondelēz in GCC & Africa, for Unilever in Reckittin various countries in Africa & the Middle East. Not just that, our own brands that have become household names in over 80 countries.