Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2009 & 2010 to Dr. Rami Ranger

Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2009 & 2010 to Dr. Rami Ranger
Her Majesty’s special representative, Mr. Robert Leader DL presenting
the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2009 & 2010 to Dr. Rami Ranger MBE, FRSA Chairman, Sun Mark Ltd.

Sun Mark Ltd celebrated receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for consecutive years 2009 & 2010 in style on 20th November 2010 at the Radisson Hotel, Portman Square, London.

The celebration was attended by many Members from both the Houses of Parliament and European Parliament including Baroness Verma, Baroness Prashar, Lord Popat, Lord Sheikh, Lord Rana, the Rt. Hon Dominic Grieve MP, Attorney General, Mr. Richard Harrington MP, Mr. Bob Blackman MP. Mr. Mike Freer MP, Mr. Stephen Pound MP, HE the High Commissioner of India, Mr. Nalin Surie, the Deputy High Comissioner Mr Rajesh Prasad and Minister Coordination at the High Commission, Mr Asif Ibrahim, Dr Charles Tannock MEP and Mr Syed Kamall MEP all graced the occasion with their presence.

Many overseas clients, suppliers who are some Britain’s blue chip companies and other prominent members of society attended the spectacular event. The entertainment was provided by Karan of K Spark Entertainment.

The Queen’s Lieutenant, Mr. Robert Leader DL, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, presented Dr. Ranger with the two awards and praised him and the company for such a coveted honour, not once but twice in a row. He said that this was indeed a rare achievement as this award represented the “best of Britain” and there were only 21 companies like this in the whole of London.

Upon receipt of the awards Dr. Ranger addressed the guests and paid tribute to his late mother for instilling the right values in him so he could succeed. He thanked his wife, staff and suppliers. His special thanks went to Sun Mark’s General Manager, Mr. Mohan Khurana, who he said was the architect of the business and his son in law and Head of Operations, Harmeet Ahuja, who had taken the business to the next level. He thanked Ray Perkins and the staff of his shipping Company Sea Air & Land Forwarding Ltd for all their hard work in working on the documentation involved for the shipping of over 6000 sea containers of goods to 92 countries. He praised the British sense of tolerance and fair play which allowed an ordinary man like him to realise his ambitions and become an asset for the nation.

The Rt. Hon Dominic Grieve MP., Attorney General, started the speeches by praising Rami for his hard work and his foresight to take his company forward to becoming one of the best in Britain in terms of generating wealth and employment.

The Deputy High Commissioner HE Mr Rajesh Prasad of India praised Rami and said that he was proud of the achievements of Sun Mark Ltd. He said he was proud of the diaspora in the UK which contributes so positively to the country of their residence.

Baroness Verma praised Rami for all the work he did outside his business and for the community to make them more politically and publically spirited. She said he deserved to be recognized further by the British Government.

Lord Popat said he greatly admired Rami on a personal level and was proud to be his friend. He said he was proud of the work Rami had done for the party, country and the community.

Baroness Prasher said she was proud that Rami had mentioned his late mother and said she firmly believed that it was these values which led to Rami’s success in business, politics and the community.

Lord Rana, who had flown in especially from Belfast, praised the work Rami has undertaken in building bridges between British communities.

Lord Sheikh also praised the work Rami does to benefit society.

Mr Richard Harrington MP praised the business achievements of Rami and Sun Mark Ltd and good work it was doing for Britain’s economy during difficult economic times.

Mr. Stephen Pound MP praised Rami and said that even though he was from a different political party, he felt proud to be associated with Rami.

The Mayor of Ealing was delighted that Sun Mark was generating wealth and employment for the area.

Rami’s eldest daughter, Reena Ahuja, hosted the evening in a confident, articulate and witty manner. She managed to hold the attention of over 450 guests throughout.

A sumptuous meal was served by Laguna catering.The DJ was the famous Tonni Patti and the dance floor was heaving to the beat of English and Bollywood music as guests danced into the early hours of the morning.</p