Premuim Vodka

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Brand: Royalty

Category: Drinks, Vodka, Alcoholic

Royalty’s Super Premium Vodka is produced from the highest-grade Finnish wheat grown by family owned farms & blended with pure glacial water giving you a taste like no other. As you know, 70% of Vodka is water and Royalty Vodka is made from the groundwater of Lake Hirsijarvi in Finland, which is estimated to be the cleanest water on Earth. The water has the best possible natural purification process that can’t be synthetically reproduced, and it has the lowest contents of metals (copper, ammonium, iron & magnesium) ever recorded in water without treatments.


Proud To Be Different

  • Triple Filtered
  • 40% Alcohol
  • Made with Cleanest Water on Earth
  • Made with Family Farmed Highest Grade Wheat
  • Made in Finland

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